PSPP has openings for two Health Scientist Administrators!

The Health Scientist Administrator within PSPP will be responsible for managing a portfolio of preclinical projects and will work with external participants and contractors to evaluate test candidates (small molecules, biologics including gene therapies, natural products or devices) in a suite of relevant assays, including in vitro assays, pharmacokinetics, side effect profile, analgesic efficacy, addictive potential, and other non-behavioral in vivo endpoints. A background in neuroscience is required. Experience with in vivo pharmacology and/or pain studies would be helpful. Experience in drug discovery and development/pharmacology/industry experience would be highly desirable. Having a Ph.D. is a requirement for these positions.

If interested in these positions (US Citizens and Permanent Residents) please contact: Dr Smriti Iyengar, Program Director or Dr Sarah Woller, Scientific Project Manager